Alcoholic father?!

Meant to talk about this sooner but work has kept me really busy and when I get home, I stay away from the computer (too tired).

Anyways, what Jericho said about Punk’s alcoholic father really surprised. I don’t know if this has been rumoured to be what Jericho’s gonna say since months ago or whatever cos I don’t know and I don’t care. I try not to update myself with rumours and gossips and whatever nonsense anymore cos I feel that not knowing is sometimes better and it actually makes me enjoy WWE more. So anyways, (getting off topic there) I’ve heard about Punk’s dad being an alcoholic and all on the internet before. I don’t care if it’s true or not but this is turning point for me.

Truth be told, I’m not as excited as a lot of you guys out there about Punk vs Jericho feud. I didn’t see the potential in it, I just couldn’t. I love them both, they’re great in the ring and on the mic. But besides the whole you-stole-my-catchphrase, I thought it was kinda weak. But after this week’s Raw, I just cannot wait to hear Punk’s comeback to this and whatever else Jericho can say about Punk. The storyline has now changed to something more personal and attention-grabbing. It doesn’t make Jericho seem so petty anymore about stolen catchphrases, styles or whatever.

I’m picturing Punk defending his straight edge lifestyle, the same way he has and people like him have their whole lives. Explaining why you don’t smoke, drink or do drugs is hard. Or why you decide to go vegan. Or why this, why that. Jericho could be this guy who pressurizes his peer (Punk) to drink and whatever but at the same time, mocking him if he does actually do it or not.

Can’t wait to know what’s gonna happen next week.

Unnecessary Censorship - Mar 1 2012